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Content Creator. Influencer Relations Manager. Event Director.

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Who I am

I'm a content creator, video game advocate, influencer relations manager, charity fundraiser, indie developer supporter, event director, and mental health advocate. I love my home in Vancouver, Canada.

My life in gaming

I fell in love with video games the day my parents bought my brother and me an NES and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for Christmas. For years, video games filled in gaps where many conventional life guideposts left me spinning in circles. I whole-heartedly believe in the power video games have in our society, including health, education, and family.

Content creation has blessed me with countless friendships, connections, and opportunities I'd only dreamed of as a kid.

I absolutely love my job working with gaming influencers, extending the reach of games of all sizes and platforms.

I host on stage and on stream, speak on industry panels about working with and as influencers, inclusivity and representation in gaming, indie games, and many other related topics. I founded and am director of Twitch Vancouver, a community of gamers, creators, game developers, and industry professionals in Vancouver, BC.

I have a strong passion for supporting underdogs, so my content as a partnered Twitch streamer focuses on indie games and discovering the undiscovered. I enjoy the luxury of following my passion rather than the need to pursue high numbers. Through my coverage of lesser known indie titles, I've garnered many parterships and helped small studios gain exposure for their hard work.

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My Background

Content Creator

I've been creating online content as a hobby since 2014, mostly in gaming. My Twitch channel began with AAA titles and MMOs and is now focused on indie games. I've been blessed with myriad sponsorships over the years and am always open to new collaborations that vibe with my brand.

Influencer Relations Manager

I manage strategy and execution of influencer-led campaigns at Sandbox Strategies for game publishers to extend the reach of their titles and products across various popular platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch. I'm fortunate to hold a position of knowledge in the field and regularly provide consult and guest on shows, podcasts, and panels to speak about influencer relations.

Event Director

I founded the first Twitch Community Events base and am the Event Director of Twitch Vancouver, which celebrates gaming, content creation, and industry in social semi-annual events of roughly 500 attendees at various venues around Vancouver. I coordinate activations with sponsors, game devs, artists, live streamers, and more to create memorable events.


I have spoken at many industry events on stages and panels about various topics I'm passionate about, primarily in gaming. I continue to use my voice to speak on inclusivity, visiblity, and representation in the games industry, and best practices in influencer relations.

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