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Who I am

I'm a content creator, video game advocate, influencer relations specialist, charity fundraiser, indie developer supporter, community manager, and mental health advocate.

I'm also a gamer, animal lover, introvert, body positivity advocate, foodie, equal rights supporter, and all-around lover of good vibes.

I love my home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My life in gaming

I fell in love with video games the day my parents bought my brother and me an NES and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for Christmas. For years, video games filled in gaps where many conventional life guideposts left me spinning in circles. I whole-heartedly believe in the power video games have in our society, including health, education, and military.

Content creation was something I accidentally fell into, and I am eternally grateful for it. I've been blessed with countless friendships, connections, and opportunities I never knew existed. My networks expand with each gaming convention.

I've hosted stages, live-streamed from conventions, and spoken on panels for LGBTQ issues and inclusivity in gaming. I now manage a community of gamers, content creators, and game developers in Vancouver, BC through local meetups. I've also fundraised over $20,000 for children's and veteran charities, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, BC Children's Hospital, and Operation Supply Drop. I even landed a job in gaming!

Working in influencer relations has been a great experience thus far, and I can't wait for more to unfold. The field is still in its infancy and there's so much potential to effect some major change in gaming press. I'm thoroughly excited to take part in and contribute to this budding line of work.

I have a strong passion for supporting underdogs, so my content focuses on indie games and discovering the undiscovered. As a partnered content creator hobbyist, I enjoy the luxury of following my passion rather than the need to pursue high numbers. Through my coverage of lesser known indie titles, I've garnered many parterships and helped small studios gain exposure for their hard work.

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My Background

Content Creator

I've been creating online content as a hobby since 2014, mostly in gaming. My content shifted from AAA titles and MMOs to indie games. I also dabble in some creative content, lifestyle, and product reveal content. I began on Twitch, where I became a partner, and recently started to play around a little on YouTube as a learning experience.

Community Manager

I've led, founded, and managed teams and communities – both online and off – for much of my professional and personal life. These include sales and operations teams, social events and meetups, charity fundraising teams, health groups, gaming communities, and hobby enthusiast groups.

Influencer/Public Relations

My formal introduction to the gaming industry is as the bridge between content creators and game developers. Through my growing networks, I perform outreach and connect influencers with content-worthy products to boost exposure for clients. I'm also dabbling in press release writing, influential writing, and other communication skills.


I was a volunteer motivational speaker before diving into professional pursuits. I've since been invited to speak at various gaming-related events, including the following: TwitchCon panel on LGBTQ issues in broadcasting; PAX panel on inclusivity in gaming and broadcasting; TwitchCon indie stage as host; and Full Indie Summit as guest speaker on streamability and how indie game developers and content creators can work together. I also have strong writing skills in clear writing, plain language, accessibility, and social media.

Other Professional Roles

Before transitioning into the gaming industry, I worked a varied background in operations management, resource management, administration, quality assurance, workforce analysis, data stewardship, and technical support. Several of my previous roles were in the provincial government's health sector in BC. I also learned skills in coaching, counselling, and crisis control. I adapt quickly and thoroughly in many roles.

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